Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Zantrip 2000 - DSP40

The warm-up for my European tour was done on my trip to see Dave Prescott on his 40th birthday. I had the first part of my gear that I needed to try out, and unconsciously I created the first of a series of medium-fi recordings all made while I'm away from my studio. It is 'mastered' to a Panasonic portable cassette recorder either through a mic input or in the open air using the built-in microphone.

Zantrip 2000 - 495 --> 10,000

dsp 40 is the first work, and the austere follow-up 495 -> 10,000 is from the same trip, but it drifts into different regions altogether. Amusingly dsp are both Dave's initials and the acronym for digital sound processor, a common computer chip used for crunching audio.

Zantrip 2000 - Espagne Etudes I-VI

III-VI were recorded at Francisco Lopez's almost empty apartment, and since they were recorded in the open air, the resonance of the space is captured throughout, sometimes in surprising ways.

Second track features samples of a performance by Nino Gallego, Oscar de Paz & Inaki Rios.

Zantrip 2000 - Espagne Etudes VII, VIII, XIV-XVI

I started this project knowing I was going to do stuff like this on my Spanish tour, and indeed I did three tapes of Espagne Etudes I-XVI while I was there in October and early November 2000. Etudes I and II use samples from the group whose performance followed mine at the LEM Festival in Gracia (Barcelona).

Zantrip 2000 - Espagne Etudes IX - XIII

IX was recorded in bumper-to-bumper traffic leaving Barcelona on my pilgrimage to the Igualada Cemetery by the recently deceased Spanish architect Enric Miralles.The rest of the release X-XIII was recorded in the cemetery itself, using the material laying about. The search for the Miralles cemetery was exhausting, taking a day and a half with the obstacles to my progress everywhere! The quest took on near biblical proportions and so when I finally reached the destination it was quite an experience, and this release captures some of that I feel.*

*Samples from this appear the next day at my live Zanstones show at the Observatori festival in Valencia. To the sound of one of the crypt doors groaning along it's rails I enquire in empoverished Spanish "Miralles, commo est tu va?" (where have you gone?)

Zantrip 2000 - Travelogue d'Espagne

At last I've assembled the descriptive travelogue sections from my trip starting in Granada. Then it follows my drive in one day from the south coast in Almeria up to Barcelona and Igualada. It concludes with my trip from Barcelona to Valencia and then finally to Madrid. This work is called Travelogue d'Espagne and if the Spanglish title offends, sorry but I believe it rolls off the tongue and around the mind best this way. This slightly madcap work relates my observations and states of mind during these last few days of my European solo tour.

Lavish Decrepitude

Lavish Decrepitude weaves a wide range of Spanish sources into a rich and unpredictable tapestry of sounds, musics, noises and voices. It features some of my favorite soundings and audio gathering including the senile bison "I do not get any connection" from the Melia Confort.

Picture of Caltrava's Valencia Opera House under construction.

Zantrip 2002 - Think!

Think! was lost for half a year and then found in the summer of 2003. Recorded under very strange conditions at the Holiday Inn Northwest, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this work is ample proof of my obsession with producing new works under unusual conditions.

Zantrip 2002 - Did you get the word today?

Zantrip 2002 - Did you get the word today? Stranded and shifting through Chicago, airports, near and far places.